Why we work the Agile way

In an era where there is heightened demand on companies to be able to rapidly deliver value to their customers, new ways of working, specifically Agile, have become increasingly popular.

Agile is a time boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that incorporates repetitive operation sequences in order to achieve a desired result. Agile projects promote flexibility, empowerment and collaboration within an organisation; central values that ensures value is optimized throughout the development process.

When implementing Agile into an organisation, there is no one size fits all model.  Agile@Ocean is our own, unique method of working the Agile way. Agile is not only a system of frameworks and tools you can purchase and implement, but rather a multitude of attitudes and behaviours that an organisation needs to ingrain into the culture and mindset of its employees.

By focusing on the culture and mindset of our people rather than a framework or tooling, here at Ocean we have been able to achieve the following over the past six months:

  • By focusing on smaller releases, our reaction time to issues is much more efficient resulting in an increase in our output quality
  • As customer needs change, we can pivot and react to shifting requests without disruption to workflow and progress
  • The ability to pivot with the changing needs of the client ensures we are building a product that delivers maximum value to the customer
  • Our approach is completely transparent, giving our customers early visibility of product design and development
  • With greater transparency comes greater trust, setting the foundations for strong customer relationships

As we continue our agile journey, we regularly check-in to rethink and, if necessary, redesign structures, governance mechanisms, and processes to ensure we strike the balance between speed and stability. Working agile is never a linear process, however with its attitudes now firmly ingrained in our business, we know we can deliver a product that ensures value for our client, on time, every time.