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Grow Your Business By Translating Your Strategic Plan Into Measurable Outcomes


SMART4PM is a web-based dynamic performance management solution that enables companies to build their strategic plan, and then translate that plan into measurable outcomes, that can be used to build your executive and employee key performance indicators.

Improve Revenue

Lead your team to clear measurable goals with this easy to use platform that inspires a shared vision and constancy of purpose from your executive team all the way to the newest most junior recruit.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Respond faster to problem areas within your business, and shift your whole business faster in order to respond to new trends and changes in your business landscape.

Reduce Costs and Save Time

Performance management is normally a time consuming task that causes friction between managers and employees. With SMART4PM the process is streamlined as all the information needed is already at hand and presented in simple to use traffic light based reports that are available all year round. This means that adverse situations are able to be fixed much earlier than just at performance review time, which means no nasty surprises for anyone.

Engage Your Workforce

SMART4PM truly brings your workforce on board by actively showing them how their contribution matters, and where it sits within the broader corporate goal, empowering them as an individual, while fostering teamwork, participation and motivation.

Key Features