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Process Optimisation

Through the delivery of software solutions that support complex operating environments, our team have become experts in process optimisation, automation, and the steps involved to achieve efficiency across complex operating environments.

Our people can assist Defence to develop and implement plans that will enable Defence teams to deliver on agreed outcomes of the Commission of Audit and First Principles Review, as well as measure the effectiveness of recommended implementations.

Our strong history of working with Defence operations, procurement and the Defence ICT environment, ensures that we are well equipped to deliver change and success within the ASDEFCON framework.

Solving Problems

For many years Ocean Software has developed software solutions that solve very big problems for Defence forces around the world, our solutions simplify compliance to improve safety, while optimising asset utilisation and resource management.

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Software Design & Engineering

When you need an experienced team to engineer & develop, implement, and sustain Enterprise grade COTS and bespoke software solutions for your organisation. 

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Reporting Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Reporting

Extracting practical insight from your data, building useful reports that enable you to gain a comprehensive and accurate force readiness and force preparedness picture.

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Projects On Time & On Budget

We are well practiced at delivering mission critical projects within complex operating environments. 98% of our projects are delivered on time, and 99% on budget.

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