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Qualification and Currency Management

Ocean Software’s Currency and Qualification Management tool forms a key part of our Workforce Management solution. Sourcing accurate, and current data from across Learning Management, Scheduling and Operations, as well as information entered by personnel such as medical data, to deliver a single actionable view. Our tools make it easy for personnel, schedulers, and base commanders to improve safety whilst ensuring compliance.

Our Currency and Qualification Management tool integrates current data directly into the planning and scheduling process showing skills or qualifications required for specific tasks as well as all of the unit personnel who hold them at a specific time.  Capability shortfalls can be seen, upgrades planned for and extensions or exemptions granted against specific missions with full visibility to executives and authorizing officers.

Through our web interface we also provide complete visibility to personnel of their personal currency and qualification records, with a user friendly traffic light system that shows users what is current, what has expired, and what is due for update or renewal. At the unit level, individuals can maintain currency across multiple asset and aircraft types as well as multiple positions for each.

This powerful functionality exists to assist instructors, schedulers, executives and commanders to manage their individual areas of responsibility and interest; from detailed outcome capture and workflows for instructors, to force wide or even air force wide reporting for commanders.


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