• MILCIS 2017

Presentations from MILCIS 2017

The MiLCIS 2017 conference was recently held in Canberra, and Ocean Software delivered three presentations to audiences there. We’re pleased to be able to share these presentations;

Presentation 1Building on the ADF’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Process to Deliver a Better Healthcare Service for Members.

This presentation delivers an overview of how the ADF uses Ocean Software’s technology to manage the pharmaceutical supply chain across both domestic operations and while on deployment. This would be of particular interest to any groups involved with JP2060 phase 4.

Presentation 2Making the most of a consolidated C2 Framework.

This presentation builds on material delivered at Avalon 2017, and also published in the Australian Defence Magazine 2017 Air Power Issue, that discusses the methods by which Air Forces might improve their levels of internal insight by exerting tighter controls over data within C2 Systems, the initial data input formats, and by expanding the skill levels of those who have to work with the data.

Presentation 3Extracting a Real-Time Force Readiness Picture from Big Data

This presentation demonstrates the kind of data held within existing C2 systems that can be quickly and easily used to build a real time force readiness picture, without the need to further invest in special systems, software, or infrastructure.

MilCIS is an annual conference run by Defence CIOG in partnership with the University of New South Wales, Canberra and the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE). MiLCIS is the only Australian conference that focuses strategically on the crucial technologies, products, systems and services associated with military communications and information systems.