Ocean successfully delivers FlightPro® in support of European Air Transport Training (EATT)

Following selection and contract during the winter of 2014/2015, Ocean Software has now successfully delivered its FlightPro® software solution in support of EDA’s European multi-national airlift training exercises. The first exercise EATT (European Air Transport Training) at Beja Air Base, Portugal was supported by FlightPro® with excellent results and the more complex EAATTC (European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course) held in Zaragoza, Spain is also now complete, with FlightPro® managing not only the scheduling, communication and reporting, but also the syllabus and assessment aspects of the exercise.

This project became a requirement as a result of an urgent need to improve the operations Command and Control and general coordination of all excercise operational processes delivered by the EATF (European Air Transport Fleet). In addition, there was a need to reduce the Command and Control manpower footprint and to eliminate work with the MS tools which were not integrated, and additionally were time consuming and inefficient.

Lt. Col. Patrice Longis, EATT Training Supervisor from the EATC said “the Ocean Software team were very competent, pragmatic, flexible and helpful during the 2 week deployment phase of the first exercise in Beja, Portugal. Whilst on-site, the Ocean team were able to adapt the  software to our requirements such was the configurable nature of the software. When their expertise was required, they were always present and really involved in the whole work dedicated to the EATC and EDA team”. He went on to say “The first use of FlightPro® for a major European training exercise was very successful. Thanks to the involvement and the support from the Ocean team and the deep work and the experience of the EDA and EATC concerned personnel, FlightPro® is the IT solution that helps to enhance interoperability within the EATF framework. The successful completion of the project objectives is evidence of the agility of the FlightPro® software”.

Since 1993, Ocean Software has been delivering mission critical solutions to military, homeland security, law enforcement and civil aviation operators large and small. Ocean Software provides answers to the evolving requirements of our customers allowing more to be done with less. Our flagship product FlightPro®  is the only off-the-shelf (COTS) system delivering to front line units and training schools, supporting all platforms, mission types, and communities, whilst also including maintenance technicians, ATC, Air Defence and others.