Ocean Software to participate in Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) 2009

The Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) is the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff directed annual event that engages cutting‐edge information technology focused
on criteria defined by combatant commanders. (ref: www.cwid.js.mil). The demonstration evaluates technologies and capabilities for exchanging information among coalition partners, military services and government agencies in support of combat and crisis operations. Interoperability trials with coalition partners are hosted over a worldwide secure network, enabling classified, releasable data to be exchanged among Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, NATO, and Partnership for Peace nations.

Ocean Software will supply its flagship Operations Management System FlightPro™ in the role of a Unit Level Tool for Resource Allocation. Ocean’s powerful enterprise‐wide application FlightPro™ is a software application designed to manage complex military flying operations including the acceptance of tasking, the scheduling of missions, management of training, tracking of pilot currencies and qualifications and providing sophisticated tools to maximize overall effectiveness in the operational environment. “The integration of FlightPro™ in this Strategic Interoperability Demonstration is testament to the maturity of the Product and its evolution from a Training Management Information System (TMIS) to an enterprise capable operations
management system” said Adam Hogan, Ocean’s Director Sales & Marketing. “FlightPro™ is a proven solution in Air Forces around the world and this exercise is a true proving ground for its enterprise wide capability in what is a simulated combat environment” Adam added.