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Ocean Launches First Graduate Program

This year, Ocean launched its very own graduate program; a three-month entry-level program offering rotations through all software disciplines – software development, software delivery, testing, business and project management. Ocean is an Australian tech company that has been in operation for 25 years. We pride ourselves on delivering strategic and operational workforce planning products that help gain greater business transparency, implement effective workforce planning and improve traceability of people and assets.

Headquartered in Melbourne, we are a company that is constantly seeking to evolve and with an industry that is ever changing and fast paced, the value a graduate working within the business can bring us is limitless.

Melanie Shaw, Ocean’s Head of People and Operations likes to approach graduate programs as a partnership “As an employer, we are not only creating an opportunity for newly qualified graduates to network for future employment, but as a business we are seeding our teams with ambitious and mouldable minds that create great energy in the workplace.”

From day one as a graduate at Ocean, we hope to provide a platform that challenges your thinking whilst offering an innovative and supportive environment; where your injection of new ideas and current thinking is welcomed. Our global portfolio of clients located across 15 different countries, will see you addressing real-time challenges and solving real-life issues, setting you up to succeed in any role you set your sights on.

For more information on our Graduate program or to express interest in joining the Ocean squad, please reach out to Melanies@ocean.com.au.