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Navigable Enhanced Semi-automatic Script Implementation Engine

Managing large volumes of database scripts is still often a manual process, that is frequently interrupted by errors that become difficult to troubleshoot. Because changes to a database are not usually seen as part of the overall continuous integration (CI/CD) process, the importance and challenges associated with this process may be overlooked by management. Managing database schema across different environments can also prove to be challenging.

Enter NESSIE! Ocean Software’s powerful Automated SQL Database Script Manager.

NESSIE enables users to automate the process of deploying large volumes of database scripts. The primary use for NESSIE is during software upgrades or custom software implementations where an infinite amount of scripts are required to be run in a particular order.

NESSIE is an application that enables:

  • The order scripts are executed in to be defined by an XML configuration file.
  • Check point prompts to be displayed to the user.
  • Decision prompts on whether a script should be executed or skipped depending on the type of operation.
  • Easy error troubleshooting by tracking the entire execution of each script, prompted decision and checkpoint in a log file.
NESSIE, Database Script Management & Deployment Tool