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NATO Flight Training Canada Improve Safety with FlightPro®

The NATO Flying Training (NFTC) program located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, the heartland of Canada; has been the pinnacle of mutli-national military pilot training since 2000.

This state of the art 20 year program was in desperate need of implementing a highly flexible, safety-focused operational resource management system. The existing antiquated magnetic white boards and personnel intensive data mining infrastructure was replaced by the only option capable of managing such a complex flying operation; FlightPro®, from Ocean Software Pty Ltd.

Change is one of the hardest things for human beings to accept. The transition from decades of magnetic scheduling boards and hand written student progress cards was not a seamless transition. FlightPro® would have to prove itself to the dubious, and it did that in spades.

Before long, FlightPro® clearly demonstrated it could not only schedule multiple different assets safely and efficiently, but it possessed the capability to data mine all aspects of personnel performance effectively. This statistical analysis capability allowed the necessary decisions to be made with confidence on military pilot training progression.


Long Term Paperless Operations

For over a decade, FlightPro® has proven it can adapt to the changing environment within the NFTC program. The participation of new countries has spawned the necessity to evolve to meet and surpass several new challenges. FlightPro® has proven it can not only provide outstanding operational resource management, but it continues to demonstrate its innate ability to provide student progression oversight, currency maintenance, and statistical reporting accuracy.

The NFTC program is one of very few military pilot training programs in the world that has the confidence to conduct flying operations in a paperless environment. The reason is simple; they adopted FlightPro®, the very best operational resource management system in the world.

“As a former Flight Commander and Commandant of the NFTC program, I witnessed the transformation from lethargic scheduling practices to the implementation of FlightPro®; an extremely flexible, highly configurable scheduling and resource management system.”
Todd O’Malley, LCol (Ret’d), NFTC
“I was so impressed with the global capability of FlightPro®, that I highly recommended it be the resource management solution for Canada’s primary military pilot training in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.”
Col Marc Bigaouette, former 15 Wing Commander, NFTC