• Ocean Presenting at MILCIS 2018

Military Communication and Information Systems Conference (MilCIS) 2018

Ocean Software is proud to be presenting at the 2018 MilCIS conference in Canberra.

Mark Palmer, Ocean Software CTO, will be presenting on “Security Implications of Digitally Transforming your Operations”.

Presentation Date & Time:
Thursday 15 November – 12pm

Presentation Brief:
Digital transformation is becoming the norm for organisations today, and even defence and security organisations are rushing to digitally transform their operations. However the security implications of this are huge. Air gapping your network is not the answer either practically or securely, encrypting of data can give you a false sense of protection. With the advent of Big Data Analysis and Micro Data Trend analysis, sensitive operational data such as Shift Change Times, Base Staffing Levels or even staff movement can be obtained from non-secured data such as System Logs or even simply Network Traffic. For example, the position of military base operations have been compromised due to defence personnel sharing exercise data through fitness applications. The same principles can be used to obtain far more data when targeted analysis is performed. When digitally transforming your operations, some basic simple principles can be applied to limit or reduce the ability to gather information on your operational capability and operations.

About MilCIS Event:
In November each year, the Defence Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) partners with the University of New South Wales, Canberra and the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) to present MilCIS. The conference facilitates a continuing dialogue between Department of Defence employees, contractors, industry and researchers to discuss current and developing technological capabilities, project initiatives, and operational requirements.


MilCIS is the only Australian conference that focuses strategically on the crucial technologies, products, systems and services associated with military communications and information systems.