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Learning Management and Learning Content Management

Ocean Software partners with BlueDrop to deliver seamlessly integrated Learning Management and Learning Content Management Systems, ensuring the delivery of academic, simulated, and live practical training is simplified.

This truly flexible, scalable, web based system can be customised to manage and control any type of learning activity, enabling instructors to organise students and track the progress of e-learning, and classroom courses, through an intuitive user interface.

Standards Based and certified to Advanced Distributed Learning’s (ADL) Shareable Content Reference Model (SCORM) standard for web-based learning, our incredibly scalable LMS solution can be easily expanded depending upon types and levels of training, size of student population and course content, with multi language support.

Our solution also integrates across Qualification and Currency Management, Workforce Scheduling, and Aviation Operations Management tools to ensure everyone has the visibility needed to optimise operations and asset utilisation while enforcing compliance and improving safety.

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