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Task and Area Management Solution

Task and Area Management Solution (TAMS) is a web based application that provides a live, common operating picture for effective, efficient management of shared operational environments. This includes Joint Operations and Joint Exercises, Shared Training Air Space, and even the management of training resources and assets such as geographically disparate simulators.

The TAMS Application delivers efficient utilisation, planning, scheduling and air space or asset management within four-dimensions, while proactively de-conflicting, in a secure, shared environment. This means TAMS can be used as a battlefield tool, or for live-fire exercises that require the coordination and management of assets or air space with third parties.

TAMS lets users display and view bookings for themselves and provides a common operating picture for other units operating in the area. TAMS makes it easy to rapidly disseminate information to all aviation operations stakeholders, while reducing the workload for air traffic controllers and base support services. TAMS is also able to be configured and reconfigured quickly, which makes it ideal for joint exercises and operations.

The other major benefit that TAMS delivers, is the ability to report on activities, which ensures that air space is being managed efficiently and effectively.

Easy Deconfliction

Instantaneous alerts to conflicts between aircraft, airspace limits, traffic density limits, or other user pre-defined parameters.


Users are instantly informed of conflict details, allowing rapid resolution, ensuring safe operations continue with minimal interruptions.

Utilisation Reporting

Inbuilt reporting functions that are designed to enhance organisational awareness of things like airspace usage patterns.

Customised Reporting

Custom reports can be easily developed to further utilise the wealth of data that is captured within the TAMS database.

Common Ops Picture

Providing a common operational environment, and common operating picture for disconnected teams.


Disparate stakeholders can view bookings for their own, and other units, operating in the area within a secure, rights based environment.

Joint Operations

Enables multiple organisations to come together to coordinate and manage assets within a 4 dimensional shared operating environment.


The only web-based application that provides stakeholders a secure, closed environment to manage last minute operational planning and scheduling of joint exercises


Enables the rapid dissemination of information to all operational stakeholders from disparate teams


Reduces the operational & day to day planning workload of Air Traffic Controllers, base support services, and other stakeholders.

Force Multiplier

TAMS is easily reconfigured to enable any disparate teams to work within a common operational framework


TAMS can be used to securely coordinate and manage assets or air space with third parties, meaning that its usage can be extended as a battlefield or live fire exercise tool