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Coordinated Operations Management Solutions

Whether state based or federally funded, government and civil organisations have many of the same operations management challenges as military organisations, coordinating high value assets and skilled resources simultaneously over air, land, and sea.

Ocean Software has recognised these needs, and catered for government operations with CoastPro™, a GIS based solution that brings together your high value assets across Air, Land and Sea.

Ocean Software’s products for government are web enabled, and utilise GIS technology to generate wholistic operations pictures and real time reporting capabilities. These products formed the cornerstone of the Australian Government’s CoastWatch scheme, and would readily lend themselves to any government, civil, or military joint ops force that needed to manage assets and resources across all codes.

Common Operating Picture

Centralised Command Support Systems

Manage high-cost assets and key personnel via an integrated command support system that manages the vital operational elements of ‘planning – execution – assessment’, providing a single common operating picture.

Tactical Picture

Get the Right Assets and Resources to the Right Places In Time

Improve responsiveness and asset or unit deployment times. Ocean software’s products form a key part of your control and command systems, and ensure rapid coordinated responses across joint forces, or civil response codes are run smoothly and effectively.

Scheduling and Resource Coordination

 Integrated Resource Management Supports Operational Tasking

Conduct all aspects of the operational planning and daily execution cycle with intuitive easy to use touch screens or a mouse, due to the visual information dissemination approach.