Finland first to use FlightPro to manage UAV operations

Finland has become the first user to apply Ocean’s Operations and Training Management System FlightPro® to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations. The RUAG Ranger is operated by the Finland Army Artillery Brigade and they will now use FlightPro® for the management of Operator training, Flight Operations and Maintenance crew and Maintenance task management.

FlightPro® Project Director Jouko Koistinen sees many benefits in integrating the Training, Operations, and Maintenance management of the Ranger in one seamless product. “Flying SQNs in the Finland Air Force are now seeing the benefits of FlightPro® in improved scheduling and communications, better competency management and streamlined training. The UAV Unit was of course the logical next step. This was not the ‘standard rollout’ that everyone is used to and some inventive thinking was required. However the ability to configure FlightPro® to meet the needs of the user and the business knowledge of Ocean’s Account Managers, meant that what on the surface looked to be a difficult task, in the end was quite achievable” says Jouko.