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European Air Transport Command Selects FlightPro®

About the EATC and the EATF

The European Air Transport Command (EATC) is the command centre that exercises the operational control of the majority of the aerial refueling capabilities and military transport fleets of the European Defence Agency’s Air Transport Fleet (EATF).

The EATF was formed to improve the airlift provision in the European Union through the pooling and sharing of airlift capability, operations, support and training.

From a training perspective, the EATF conducts a number of exercises, and courses annually, at different locations throughout Europe. These training events involve many diverse aircraft types, hundreds of people and a broad set of flying activity and syllabi from multiple nations.

The Challenge

The planning and execution of these training events is conducted by multi-national personnel from the European Air Transport Command (EATC). Following the initial exercises in 2012, Issues quickly surfaced. Most notably the time taken to build the complex flying schedules and management of multiple training objectives from many nations during the planning stages. During the training events, trying to re-schedule assets, people, resources and locations, and communication and collaborative working between the various cells was extremely difficult.

To address these issues the EDA, on behalf of the EATC published a competitive tender to acquire a software tool that would create efficiencies and improved communication among all stakeholders including planners, training management teams and participants.

The Solution

Ocean Software was selected to provide FlightPro® and following implementation, the software went ‘live’ in the Spring of 2015 at the EATC at Eindhoven, Holland. During the planning stages of the training events, FlightPro® was used at Eindhoven on a mobile server, then deployed on to servers at various locations around Europe, based on where the events were staged.

Visibility into all planned activities and collaborative working are just two of the key benefits the EATC team experienced whilst in Eindhoven. However, the software comes into its own whilst deployed offering agile and flexible methods of working providing real-time scheduling and conflict management capability.

Laurent Donnet, Programme Manager Airlift & Air-to-Air Refuelling, EDA said “We are enjoying working with the Ocean Software team. FlightPro® is a robust tool with the flexibility to manage the huge variety of events providing a reliable command and control capability”.

The Return

Following the successful implementation of FlightPro® at the EATC premises, the results were instantaneous. Paper processes were significantly reduced and the use of ad hoc tools such as Excel were cut down to a minimum. There was an estimated 50% reduction in time spent during the scheduling and manpower planning process leading up to the training exercises and events. During event execution, all stakeholders found they were able to quickly resolve problems as the data they were acting on was current and resided in a single system accessible by all. A mobile server was purchased by the EDA for FlightPro® so when the EATC Ops team deploy to the exercises, the functionality and information goes with them.

Ocean supplies a subject matter expert to provide additional functional and technical support during the exercises. On-going on the job training can be provided and an assurance of the best possible functional capability during the training events.

C130 at EATC base Netherlands
Various European military transport aircraft
C27j Spartan