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Pharmaceutical Integrated Logistics System

  • A key component of the Australian Defence Force’s e-Health initiatives
  • Widely referenced as the Australian Defence Force’s most successful B2B IT projects to date.
  • Allows for Decentralised Operations across independent pharmacies, while centralising management, governance and stock management.
  • Centralised catalogue management allows for centralised and controlled procurement
  • Unique solution that supports the entire supply chain, breaking down stock from pallet to packet to pill

Corporate Visibility

Review, report and make decisions on all stock holding locations, with no geographical boundaries or constraints.


PILSRx incorporates an extensive auditing system to track and trace inventory management costs, consolidating information for cost reporting and management

Reduce Supplies Loss

Comprehensive track and trace of supplies from warehouse down the supply chain to individual personnel.

Centralised Governance & Stock Management

Significantly reduces the amount of stock lost to shrinkage and pilferage

Improve Patient Care

PILSRx provides the information relating to a patients complete medication history for pharmacists & care providers


Improves patient safety through increased oversight of script and pharmaceuticals issued, while helping to prevent instances of doctor shopping.

Reduce Supply Costs

Centralised procurement & electronic ordering helps facilitate stronger buying power with suppliers.


Lower costs by reducing shrinkage, through comprehensive tracking & managing stock by expiry dates, even across disparate locations.

Governance & Oversight

Establish & Maintain consistent policy & rules frameworks across all data and how it is accessed & used


Tracking supplies from the warehouse to the end user enables detailed monitoring of pharmaceutical administering staff and patients/ users.

Product Consolidation

Maintain a single standards based database of products with consistent descriptors regulating the products listed.


Complete trace-ability of all stock by batch, expiry date, or other tags, ensures a product recall is a smooth and efficient process.
PILS is a critical application in terms of patient safety, medical advice (patient and clinical) and drug attribution. Pharmacists are able to access patient information and prevent the dangers from drug interactions….Recent upgrades have now allowed the pharmacist to access patient information from any dispensing point and ensure patient safety. This inclusion of patient data being accessible throughout the ADF is a first in Australia and maybe internationally.
Peter Borland, Deputy Director Material Management Systems
PILS is a very sophisticated tool, it is tailored to the needs of many different stakeholders and without PILS, we wouldn’t be able to do our work.
Frederic Assouad, Senior Pharmacist, Area Health Services - Victoria
PILS provides me…easy patient management, (with) everything I need in the one system..full history of patients from other locations available, whilst maintaining patient confidentiality. (I) can stock-take progressively and on the “fly” – no long unproductive shutdowns
Robyn Mathews, Pharmacist, DHCM Victoria Barracks

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