Canada Wings to get FlightPro®

Following an in-depth market evaluation process, Allied Wings has chosen Ocean Software’s world class flying management system FlightPro® to support its primary and advanced flying training programs at its Aviation Training Centre at Southport, Manitoba. Ocean will partner with Atlantis Systems Eduplus (ASE) to deliver the tools necessary to manage scheduling, student training, CBT/CAI, electronic student records and operational reporting. FlightPro® will be fully integrated with ASE’s SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS), Learninglogics™.

The Canada Wings Aviation Training Centre is the Air Force program carrying out primary pilot training and selection, as well as advanced training for pilots destined for helicopters and multi-engine fixed wing aircraft. It prepares pilots for their basic flying training at the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where those pilots destined for jet fighter aircraft remain for advanced and fighter lead-in training at Cold Lake, Alberta. FlightPro® has been used to manage training under the NFTC program since 2003. Importantly, following contract signature in January 2011, FlightPro® is also being rolled out to every operational base under the Canadian Force’s Unit Level Tool program. It will therefore soon support all aspects of Canadian Defence flying and provide continuity for aircrew as they progress from training to their operational roles. The DND hope to reap many benefits by having a ‘recruitment to retirement’ flight management system for the Canadian Forces.

“Ocean Software is excited to have FlightPro® soon managing all Canadian Forces flight training programs and looks forward to the completion of the Unit Level Tool project. Aircrew will have a single system to manage both the operational and training elements of their career. This selection is strong evidence that FlightPro® is now the leading solution globally in the increasingly complex military flight operations and training market. The experience we are gaining from the Canadian programs, supported by the ongoing development work of our Australian product team, is enabling us to set the bar for operations and training management systems internationally.” said Adam Hogan, Ocean’s Business Development Director.