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Border Management and Protection

Protecting borders from illegal activity, on land or at sea is a challenge for every government around the world. Managing that challenge requires highly coordinated efforts across multiple government and Non government organisations, that usually involves the deployment of high value assets such as airplanes or sea going vessels.

Ocean Software was approached by the Commonwealth to provide a licensable solution that would give the right information to those responsible for managing border protection exercises around Australia’s vast coastline.

The result is CoastPro™ which provides the ability to manage, forecast, schedule, track and report on what is typically a complex and often underestimated task. Built to manage high-cost assets and key personnel, CoastPro™ is an integrated GIS based command support system that manages all phases of surveillance operations.  Integrating the vital operational elements of ‘planning – execution – assessment’ CoastPro™ provides a single common operating picture to all echelons of command, delivering the right asset manned with the right crew, to the right place at the right time.

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