BFTS implements FlightPro®

Ocean Software teamed with BAE Systems Australia, has implemented its Operations and Training Management System, FlightPro® to the RAAF’s BFTS (Basic Flight Training School). FlightPro® delivers improved student management and scheduling capabilities to what is the ADF’s ab-initio flight training organisation based in Tamworth, NSW.

FlightPro® was first developed to support 2FTS (RAAF Pearce) in the mid-1990’s and has been in use managing the training of RAAF pilots since that time. In 2006 Ocean Software was awarded the ULTRA project (JP2030p7b) which extended the implementation of FlightPro® to support all operational flying units; a project that was successfully completed and transitioned to sustainment in 2009. This most recent implementation provides continuity to aircrew who will now utilise the same product to manage both training and flight operations from their first aviation experience at Flight Screening through the training continuum and their operational careers to retirement.

“We are excited to see FlightPro® in use to manage the ADFs Basic Flight Training School and see it as an important milestone for both Ocean and the ADF as it sees RAAF aircrew utilising a single system through all facets of training and operational life” said Ocean’s Business Development Director.