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Aviation Operations Management Solutions

Aviation Operations Management relies on timely and accurate management of information from across the command structure to assure optimal utilization of assets and people across required activities.

Ocean Software has been developing and delivering configurable commercial, off the shelf, (COTS) software solutions that cover the end-to-end information management processes of military and civil Flying Organisations worldwide. With drag and drop functionality, colour coded conflict management, integrated currency and qualification, and learning management tools, Ocean Software’s solutions are incredibly powerful, easy to learn, and very simple to use.

Our comprehensive solutions facilitate the automation or many of the traditionally labour intensive and time consuming activities, and administrative processes, such as flying hour reports, record keeping and auditing. By taking a 360′ view of the needs of  schedulers, operators, instructors, students, management and commanders we have developed solutions that are widely recognised as the gold standard in Aviation Operations Management.

We believe it is imperative that the underlying priority of mission effectiveness and capability enhancement are protected, through the application of robust business processes and industry best practice,  whilst conforming to rules and regulations, is at the heart of all we do.

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