The RAAF through its support agency CISSO, has contracted Ocean to deliver its Operations and Training Management System, FlightPro® to RAAFSTT. FlightPro® will deliver improved student management and scheduling capabilities to the ADF’s primary technical training organisation based at RAAF Wagga.

This extension of FlightPro® from the management of training and operational flying units is a first for Australia and is the natural progression for a tool that has proven itself in the UK, Canada and Finland, as a true enterprise/force wide system, capable of delivering improved efficiencies to all areas of a defence force. “The more organisations that utilise FlightPro® the more efficiencies are realised. After all, aircrew, controlling agencies and technical staff are all valuable resources that combine to deliver the final capability; its common sense to leverage the real time communications capability delivered within this one Product to manage all of these resources”, stated Adam Hogan, Ocean’s Sales & Marketing Director.

FlightPro® was first used to manage technical training at the Typhoon Training Facility (TTF) based at RAF Coningsby in the UK. There FlightPro® manages the training of all maintenance technicians for the Typhoon program and was recently extended from the school house to allow competency recording and reporting for Typhoon maintenance technicians both on the line and in the depth bays. Notably, FlightPro® is also used to manage all Typhoon simulator training for aircrew at the same facility.