Where time, task, and resource optimization are your key concerns, FlightPro® Software has it covered. FlightPro® empowers the operator to gain control of their high value assets. Using the networked system allows geographically dispersed units and resources to collaborate and share data in an integrated way. We invite you to read more about the success of our flagship product, FlightPro®, by following the links to our success stories.

  • Tasking and Scheduling
  • Graphical Conflict Resolution
  • Currency and Qualification Tracking
  • Flying Hours and Asset Utilization Reporting
  • Granular Syllabus and Training Management
  • Electronic Documentation and Workflows
I was particularly impressed with how quickly the system was up and running once it was installed.
Squadron OC, RAF Valley
Flying SQNs in the Finland Air Force are now seeing the benefits of FlightPro® in improved scheduling and communications, better competency management and streamlined training.
Project Director, FINAF
Using FlightPro® the number of mistakes has reduced dramatically.
Flight Commander, RAF
With FlightPro® we make far fewer errors.
Site Manager, CFTS - Canada
As the training supervisor of EATT 2014, I do confirm that FlightPro® is an amazing software which actually matches our requirements.
Training Supervisor , EATC
FlightPro® allowed us to meet our Performance KPIs with the customer.
Site Manager, CFTS - Canada
I found FlightPro® to be highly capable, but more importantly, I found Ocean and its people to be excellent.
Base SME, RAF Valley
FlightPro® has made the difference between an additional pilot graduating or not in a financial year.
Flight Commander, RAAF